Requirements for Water Taps

  • Owner must notify the Health Department. (Jackson Co. Matt Morrison 501-278-6374) (Independence Co. John Hickman 501-834-3670) You will need a septic tank approval or waiver form.
  • Owner must pay water tap payment in full $750.00. If the waterline is across the road of the property there will be additional charges. Thomas Sanford, only, quotes all road crossing. Additional cost will be added to the tap price.
  • Owner must fill out a water user application, click here. You must include service address and a valid Driver’s License with the application.
  • Afterwards, Thomas will meet with the owner to discuss the location of the meter. Meter needs to be set where it is easy access for the meter reader to read the meter. If not, owner must provide a key or allow them a fence crossing.
  • Once requirements 1-4 have been met, the work order will be scheduled.
  • Owner must pay $25 inspection fee. All work must be inspected by Thomas Sanford before it can be covered up. (Inspection fee checks will need to be made out to Thomas Sanford.)